Guy Fawkes Hotel 4.7 ⁄ 10

  • Steve

    The meat and gravy were tasty, albeit a little underdone, and the chips excellent. That said, the pastry was a major disappointment, consisting of only an entirely detached puff hat. I'm not convinced this could even be called a pie (probably just), but for me the lack of stodgy pastry spoiled the experience.

  • Pistol

    This pie pretty much pirouetted out of the kitchen wearing a ridiculous pastry hat at a rakish angle.. As thrilling headgear as it was, I was little disappointed to find the rest of the pie sitting in a dish, with no sign of pastry below the hat.. I'm of the school of thought that that doesn't constitute a pie, so we weren't off to the best start.. The meat was pretty tough, and the gravy was far too watery, but the stew itself was tasty enough.. Not sure about the inclusion of mushrooms though—Lee was stunned into silence for a full 45 minutes.. Controvesy!

    I'll be honest; I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a pub named after a domestic terrorist.. Daft looking, but fairly tasty pie..

    Bloody good chips, mind..

  • Camilo

    With the removal of the pasty hat and addition of some dumplings, this would make a lovely meal, but still not a pie.

    The stew was tasty (but a little thin, like soup) and the beer flavour showed through. Served with very nice chips and some lettuce (eh?)

    Overall, a nice filling lacking any thought with the pastry.

  • Flava Dave

    This first thing that struck me with this average pie was: "That meat could do with more time and more ale." And it was crying out for a beurre maniť to thicken the broth too. Now, I'm not too bothered about the jaunty pastry hat. I'll call it a pie. But the fluffy top was rather pointless, offering neither taste nor texture to the dish. Good chips lift the rating a touch, while the limp, drab lettuce leaves do nothing for its score.

    Flava Dave
  • Lee

    I enjoyed this pie and walked away full. The filling was tasty and plentiful, albeit the gravy was a bit on the watery side. Accompanied by good home made chips and an unnecessary salad... Not sure this counts as a pie, more of a casserole with an oversized pastry topping floating on top. Overall, not bad.

  • Hmm, well. A stew with a roof, which instantly loses points. A hearty flaversome filling; real meat (slightly) chewy and slightly watery.

    The roof/lid was ok, slightly flambuoyant.

    As an inexperienced reviewer I give it...

    More work required.


Guy Fawkes Hotel

Guy Fawkes Hotel
25 High Petergate



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