Judges Lodgings 5.4 ⁄ 10

  • Pistol

    Well now.. Tricky one this..

    After two failed attempts to procure pie at other, as yet unnamed establishments, we arrived at the Judges Lodgings slightly dejected and very hungry.. However, we were in luck, as the menu boasted a home-made pie and the service from the ever-knowledgable landlord was excellent.. Then came the pie.. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but once again I've been let down by the form factor; this pie was without sides.. Sad face.. Even worse was that the pastry topping was too brittle to be enjoyable — pressing down to cut through pressed the filling out of the sides..

    Other than that there was little to complain about, the filling itself was delicious, with a very distinctive ale flavor.. This pie was let down only by the pasty, it's lack thereof and the texture of what remained..

    Now if you'll excuse me, Pistol has ladies to impress with some powerful potato-based chat..

  • Flava Dave

    Well, we got off to a good start. After spying that I only ordered a half of bitter, the pleasant bar man offered me a free coffee as he thought I was driving. I wasn't driving, however, and informed the amicable man. Coffee cancelled. But it was good of him to offer. Anyway, to the pie, which was more a plate of stew with a flip flop resting on top. And a dry, underwhelming flip flop at that. The meat mixture however was very tender, perfectly perfumed with ale and very tasty. Almost one of the best fillings yet - just a shame that it wasn't filling anything.

    Flava Dave
  • Camilo

    If I were reviewing service, the Judges Lodgings would have scored highly. A knoweledgable, friendly landlord with the perfect amount of banter and pleasantness.

    This is however a steak and ale pie website....

    There were a multitude of options; chips, mash or new potatoes & short crust or puff pastry.

    The filling was very nice - the beer flavour showed through and there were chucks of decent beef. The accompanying chips were good too. This meal was quite obviosuly home made.

    What let the whole thing down (once again) was a lack of effort on the pastry front - the filling was topped with a pastry lid. As a group we had some fun deciding on the best words to describe said lid, which included: biscuit, pop tart, pitta bread, etc.

    Improvements - with a decent pastry surrounding the filling, this could be a terrific pie.

  • Lee

    I enjoyed this pie, the filling was good - loads of meat, mushrooms and a strong ale flavour to the gravy. But, the floating pastry lid did let it down - to be honest it was tasteless and over done. Can't help but feel that if the filling was surrounded by (good) pastry - ie, like a pie, we might have a strong contender here, but it didn't, so we don't...

    Nontheless, was still tasty and I was very happy with the option of chips, mash or new potatoes. There was even a choice of two pastry hats.

  • Steve

    Good points up top... good tasty ale stew and decent chips, but that's unfortunately it. The lasting memory of this “pie” (yep, those quotes are double) is the brittlest pastry I've ever eaten, which not even the cute π symbol a top, or the very tasty half price beer could salvage.


Judges Lodgings

Judges Lodgings
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