Stonegate Yard 5.5 ⁄ 10

  • Camilo

    A disappointing pie, considering it was consumed on my birthday.

    Tasty filling with a shortcrust top, but let down by cold cheap chips, and the fact I had to construct half the meal myself: remove napkin from plate, empty small portion of peas next to chips and pour gravy over it all - I can understand gravy in a jug, but peas in a separate dish too!??!

    On a plus side, the staff were friendly, and the little room we had in the corner of the garden was nice.

  • Steve

    My memory is a little hazy of this one, due in part to the large quantities of ale consumed (mostly) after eating, but unfortunately also partly due to a fairly uninspiring pie.

    The meat was both tender and tasty (minus a strong ale kick), and the shortcrust a decent, if brittle effort. However both chips and peas were a touch cold for my liking, and the portioning of my plate into pointless containers (peas in a dish?) didn't float my boat.

    All in all; not bad, but nothing like Pistol's Mam makes!

  • Pistol

    Nearly passed entirely on this one, but given that I missed the Black Swan's pie I thought I'd step up and put my lack of hunger aside for the love of pie.

    The dish's presentation was as subtle as it was popular, with the peas in a separate dish on the plate, and the gravy its own jug... on the plate. Quite why such a complicated mechanism was in place will remain a mystery to us. That coupled with cold chips (and nothing like the home-made kind) all added up to a bit of a shock, like tapping someone on the shoulder to ask the time, only to discover when they turn around that their face is just a continuation of their neck.

    The pie suffered from the same issues we've seen before - tough but admittedly tasty pastry, and the meat itself delivered in a ceramic dish. Never a fan of that. Sad face.

    As far as the pie tasted, the stew was delicious - with strong flavors running throughout, although I feel that to provide the last four pies of the night they may have in fact stretched three, given that the dish was only half full. I prefer my pie with filling up to the top, thanks..

    Not overly impressed, but it tasted fine and filled a hole. The presentation was a nice touch, if completely unnecessary but the meal did its job. Can't see myself rushing back, mind..

  • Lee

    The pie was quite good, tender meat and tasty gravy, even found a mushroom. Didn't really have much of an ale taste though. But, no matter how good this pie might have been it was completely let down by cold chips, an odd petri dish of peas and a jug of gravy which I suspect was nothing more than Bisto gravy granules. My idea to heat the cold chips up using the gravy was thwarted as I discovered a paper napkin under the food - Really who thought that was a good idea?


Stonegate Yard

Stonegate Yard
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