The Ackhorne 6.8 ⁄ 10

  • Camilo

    The Ackhorne has been one of my favourite pubs for years, though largely down to it's ale selection and almost secret location. Up until this, I'd never eaten here - so what about their pie...

    Overall, very impressive. With a few tweaks this could be a champion - good chunks of meat, excellent gravy, superb home made chips and a perfect portion. It was also reasonably priced.

    Improvements? A bigger plate (so there's some room), short crust pastry and hotter!

  • Steve

    I've always liked this pub for beer and never really considered eating, but actually this pie was pretty good. Not exactly refined, but tasty.

    Extra marks for lots of meat in tasty gravy, and great chips. Marks off for limp pastry (pretty much everyone gets this wrong) and somewhat harshly, an overflowing plate.

    Probably should be a technical point to make about mustard, and not ale gravy, but I would have smothered it in English anyway.

    Worth a trip, and a pint.

  • Flava Dave

    It said beef and ale pie on the menu and we were served a beef and mustard pie. The distinct aroma of the spicy seed came wafting through the kitchen door before the pie did. Never the less, it was quite delicious, with a rich and non-gelatinous gravy confirming the claimed 'homemade' marker.

    But is it really a pie? It's hard to call any concoction a 'pie' when the pastry and stew are cooked separately. Evident in the photograph, this stew came with a side order of puff pastry. It's a short-cut technique used by most eateries in England, and I think it has to stop. We'll struggle to find a real 'homemade' pie fully encased in the fluffy stuff - it simply takes too long to prepare in the kitchen. (Does it?). The chips were excellent. The plate was too small.The serving temperature was tepid.

    Flava Dave
  • Pistol

    Another pie, another pub that plays with the very definition thereof. The Ackhorne served up an elliptical dish of pie filling, with a pastry island floating atop.

    Now - don't get me wrong - I cleaned my plate, but it appears to be increasingly uncommon to actually get a pie when ordering one. I'm with Dave that it's a shame that kitchens are no longer bothering with pastry down the sides. While I can't argue with what someone else considers the optimum form-factor for the dish, I know what I think a pie is, and this was straying from that vision..

    Still, it was a satisfying dish, with a healthy-sized portion and particularly tasty chips - the homemade touch makes a real difference there.. I'd definitely consider having it again, although the next time I would definitely prefer it to be hot when landing on the plate..

    Overall a good pie, but it has so much potential that could easily be unlocked..

  • Lee

    It was a good pie overall. A good sized portion with plenty of meat, a really tasty gravy - particularly liked the addition of whole grain mustard and good home made chips. My only criticisms were that it didn't really count as a pie as the pastry didn't surround the filling, instead a puff pastry lid was placed on top and it was a little cold. Non the less, still a crackin' pie.


The Ackhorne

The Ackhorne
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