The Black Swan 8.1 ⁄ 10

  • Steve

    An obviously handmade, proper shortcrust, extremely tasty pie. Lack of chips was more than made up for by the roastie/mash combo and friendly banter. A stronger ale taste would be my preference, but still a serious contender.

  • Camilo

    We hit lucky with our first pub this time round, which was brilliant - because I was very hungry.

    First - a non-pie related note; the Black Swan is looking much better since I last visited. A new longer bar and a great selection of real ales.

    Another "proper pie". Home cooked with chunks of tasty meat and excellent pastry. Since they'd run out of chips we were offered mash or roast spuds, and they happily gave us a combination after our request (with some added friendly banter!).

    My only criticism would be that no ale flavours showed through.

    They also do a pigeon pie - and apparently a squirrel one!

  • Lewis

    As this was the first steak and ale pie i had ever had i wasnt quite sure what to expect, and i have to say that it was extremely good the steak was perfect and so was the mash, and roasties were nice and crispy. The only thing i had a slight problem with was the paistry i couldn't say what but it wasnt right.

    Overall: A very nice pie.

  • Flava Dave

    Well... A pie review without Pistol present. He won't be pleased as he's missed a right good 'un. Here we have a terrible picture of an excellent pie. The pie is cooked in a large tray and cut up into portions for serving. The short crust pastry wrapped the pie both a-top and a-bottom, creating two delicious textures. To be amongst the greatest it needed more real-ale punch, but flippin' good none the less.

    Flava Dave
  • Lee

    Hats off to the chef!.. It was clear the moment it was delivered to the table that this was going to be good.. and it was. Home made pastry - what a difference it makes! Great filling; plenty and meat and gravy and accompanied by roast AND mash potatoes as a substitute for chips... Would strongly recommend this pie.

    Pistol, you missed a good'en.


The Black Swan

The Black Swan
23 Peaseholme Green



  • James De Vile

    Tuesday 1st November 2011 - 16:33

    I would like to comment on this pie but sadly never got a chance... we entered the establishment at 1:30pm on Sunday and chose a seat. Wonderful pub! Went up to order and were told by the very disinterested barwoman that there would be an hour wait on food. I went back to check with my good lady if this would be acceptable. We agreed it would be. I returned to the bar and was then informed, again in a disinterested monotone, that there was only 1 pie left in the establishment. Both of us looking forward to a pie, we left disappointed. The Gillygate served us a delicious pie which made up for things.

  • Peter

    Wednesday 18th December 2013 - 18:40

    The Black Swan steak and ale pie is not only delicious,stuffed with meat but only £8.95, amazing! They also do a steak ale and stilton for 50p more. Love the place

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