The Golden Fleece 6.3 ⁄ 10

  • Steve

    Great expectations were carried into the Golden Fleece due in most part to the author's previous experience with this most excellent pie maker (Royal Oak). Whilst the pie appeared the same, plenty meat, proper crumbly pastry, sadly any pie taste was almost entirely subdued by overly thick and extremely salty Bisto-esque gravy. The stock chips and dull veg did nothing but invigorate my disappointment.

    Gotta give this one a reasonable score on pure pie terms, but the overall experience was sorely lacking.

  • Camilo

    There used to be a terrific pie sold at The Royal Oak on Goodramgate, and apparently their previous chef was now working at the Golden Fleece.

    My expectations were high.

    Unfortunately, they were later crushed by the meal not being as good as the one I remembered. Sure, the pie tasted great, but it wasn't the same - the chips were bought in (as oppose to home made) and the gravy overly thick.

    On a possitive note, there was the option of chips, roast potatoes or new potatoes.

    Overall - I know this chef can do better. Perhaps it's budget contraints?

  • Lee

    Overall I was disappointed by this place. Although the pie it's self wasn't too bad; a large amount of meat, nice pastry and a portion size that could appease an American's appetite, it was ultimately let down by everything else on the plate. The chips were just your box-standard oven chips (although there was the option for new/roast potatoes), the vegetables tasted like they had been cooking since Christmas and was topped off with a Bisto style gravy that was far too salty.

    Saying that, I ate it all.


The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece
16 Pavement



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