Trembling Madness 7.5 ⁄ 10

  • Lee

    A very tasty individual pie with plenty of filling surrounded by shortcrust pastry. It was served with a nice cracked black pepper mashed potato, onion gravy and mushy peas.

    Couldn't finish this huge meal, it was just too much - but you can't dock points for that! I can even look past the lack of an ale taste in the gravy and filling. My main criticism would be the temperature it was all served up - a hot pie but a lukewarm mash and gravy served on a cold plate. No excuse for this. It might be harsh, but for me, if the pie isn't made on the premisses, instead bought from a butchers, the only thing left to judge is the mash, veg, gravy and the ability to heat it all up.

    That said, it was the only place we've reviewed where you can go downstairs to the shop and buy a souvenir pie!

  • Camilo

    It can't be easy cooking five pies without a kitchen, but the House of the Trembling Madness can do it. Well almost.

    Perfect pie, magnificent mash and superb surroundings, unfortunately let down by a tepid temperature. Served piping hot, this would be a clear contender.

    I wouldn't hesitate to go again, especially whilst only ordering one or two pies, and would highly recommend it.

    They also do a lamb pie and they've been known to serve pie until quite late at night!

  • Flava Dave

    Here we are tasting a pie from Richardson's butchers, skillfully heated up by the staff at HOTM and garnished with some absolutely delicious mash. There's also a ramekin of mushy peas, and underneath it all is a stone cold plate. At the time of writing I have not read the other guy's reviews, but I suspect this lack of heat to be a primary bug-bear.

    Now, I know it's not cooked in their own kitchens, but it is cooked in this fine city, by someone.. Casting that aside, this is a bloody good pie. Excellent short pastry (a bit like you'd expect on a good pork pie) and filled to the brim with tender meat.

    It's a big, heavy meal. The smaller pie (which you can buy cold, downstairs) would have been an easier meal to swallow. That's not a criticism, I suppose they'd have heated up a small pie if I'd have asked them (or indeed, 'known').

    Anyway.. Good pie. Bye for now.

    Flava Dave
  • Pistol

    The plate. It is cold, and cracked. The mash. Warm, but of satisfying consistency. The peas. Mushy.

    OH the peas. Mucky, filthy, mushy peas. What stupifying marrowfat hell is this in which I have awoken? Dirty, mucky peas. Terrible peas. Terrorist peas. Peas grown in a field of regret, fertilised with hate.

    No, mucky peas, NO.

    The pie though? Great pastry, generously sized, good chunks of meat and a thick, rich gravy. I very much enjoyed the pie itself. Sadly, it was an island in an ocean of gravy.

    With, like, a mash potato jetty.

    Overall this was a great dish, which could have been helped immeasurably if everything was hot upon arrival, but I'm willing to be lenient with that since they don't really have a kitchen, and they prepared five dishes all at once. Furthermore, the biggest dude I have ever known works there, and if he thought I was being disparaging towards his place of business he may crush me betwixt thumb and forefinger, in a cynical display of physical supremacy.

    Or he won't, because he's a really nice guy.

    God just go there and try a pie yourself, who even cares what I think?

    I won't bore you with the story of this particular pie's fate later on in my evening, but needless to say it's a bloody brilliant story.

    Also, it's entirely gross, and I wouldn't want to put you through that.

  • Steve

    Good lookin' tasty pie. Touch cold. Mushed peas, mashed potato, massive portion. Tired. Visit.


Trembling Madness

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